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My name is Michael and I am a 7 year local with strong ties to the area: Born in Montana, raised over the Pass in Idaho Falls, I grew up backpacking in the Tetons, Wind Rivers and the Sawtooths in Idaho; fly-fishing on the Madison, Henrys Fork, and lots of camping and other excursions to many of the amazing spots around here… etc.

I am a referenced, stable, clean, non-smoking, non-pet owning, rarely home, reliable, and respectful tenant!

That being said- we can always talk more when we meet-- here's what I am looking for, primarily:

1: A room-mate situation, no more than 3 people is ideal. If that many people, I would prefer around or under $900... I'm not cheap or unemployed...but I do have other many other $$ responsibilities-- like we all do...

#2: Studio: I will pay up to $1300-if really nice... I know most landlords are getting greedier by the year, but I trust that there are a few (very few) left who get that Jackson is not made up of trustfunders and doctors/lawyers/engineers/high end professionals/etc, only, lol.

#3: I can go in on a 2-3 (maybe 4?) bedroom house with you if you are looking and needing someone else to go in with... I have few decent properties I find nearly every week, but am almost always looking for others to do it with-so please contact me asap!

Following is my bio: (or JUST contact me if you don't want to read so much-lol- thanks-)

Growing up in the outdoors in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem almost inevitably led to a BS in Natural Resources at Humboldt State University in Northern California.

I then moved to Crested Butte, Colorado and while there I started teaching photography workshops for the Crested Butte WildflowerFestival, which I have now done for 20 seasons, and worked on ranches, in construction, ski guide and instructor, musician, hospitality, massage, and much more.

There's also a good deal more to my photography background, which also includes more recent work in the TV and film industry (the Outdoor Channel, World Fishing Network, etc), and just learned of a PBS airing in November 2018 for a show I was 2nd camera on last year called "Saving Places"; its about the restoration of historic structures on a wide variety of public lands.

Currently I work as a professional naturalist and wildlife tour guide for Grizzly Country Wildlife Adventures leading 1-multi day trips into Yellowstone and the Tetons

I am non -smoking, no pets, very clean, respectful, and great with boundaries.
I come with references, integrity, and...a few good stories… Lets talk soon and make it a great fit!

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