Jackson, WY
United States

Category  Motorcycles

Hey, bought this only last fall but like it so much may buy a newer one. Could keep it but if someone came along with $2500 today I would have enough to put toward a newer one.

63k Miles. Black (with stripes). Not actual photo.

This one is a giant dirtbike, 9.1 inches of suspension travel on each end. (!) Similar to a KTM Adventure bike or something.

Not slow, either. It impressed me. 955cc triple engine.

Brand new rear tire (high quality Anakee III) and the front is ridable for a while or could use replacement its kind of worn. That one is a Pirelli and works great (feels super grippy) but a new Continential Trail (the best tire money can buy for one of these) is only like a hundred or so, so is kind of worth replacing.

New chain (and I think sprockets) also, right before I bought it.

I checked/adjusted valves, tinkered with some stuff.

Has aftermarket driving lights which are pretty nice LED.
Bar risers (just right height), Factory Heated Grips.
Both OEM saddle bags.
Bars on the sides.
Fully adjustable windshield is very nice to dial in the wind protection. Has great wind protection.
Hand guards also.
Fork is nice and solid, I changed fluid and it handles great. (I put thicker oil in it and it feels just right now)

Aftermarket shock on rear is a Wilbers, I can't say its worn out but also on occasion I have wondered if it had a boing to it. The bike has 9 inches of suspension so it could be normal. I did price a rebuild of it and it is about $200 or a little less, shipping and everything, from a Wilbers dealer (a very nice shock). So that may or may not be an option, depends on if you rode with passenger or not maybe (which loads the shock more).
19" front, 17" rear wheels (cool cast spoke look) if that matters to you (some ADV bikes have 21" and 18" so mentioning that FWIW).

Its a used bike. I have seen much worse, but it also has been banged around a little make no mistake about that. Looks decent around town, though, not an eyesore. I think these motors go forever so the mileage shouldn't be a concern.

I think that's about the most of it. I could take photos if I must, but it would be a little work. If you are serious, please ask. Kind of putting up the ad to gauge interest (but would sell if I had a buyer), can put in the work of photos if someone is serious.