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Unused, new with tags. Right hand zip, long, 10D ultralight nylon (same as Ghost Whisperer) expedition bag.

Bought it for 395 because MHW warrrantied something of mine but I never used it. Will take $375.

Also a thought: 1.5 yrs ago I bought a Marmot 0 degree down bag, Long, 800 or 850 fill water resistant down, bright orange in color. It is barely used, never washed (you obviously could if you bought it), very similar bag to the MHW but Marmot, 20D nylon so slightly more normal. I think it retailed for over $400, I have no idea what a slightly used bag is worth but if someone gave me $250 I would sell that one instead of the Phantom. I'm not sure what side the zip is on, but I could check if it was important. Always used a liner and head cover while using it, and never put it on ground (or even pad on ground). I haven't examined it closely but it is probably about as close to new as can imagine, without being new.

I have had a couple people mention that a out-of-date MHW web page had one listed for $300 or $350. These things are usually a closeout when they have a few oddball items they clear from inventory, and are usually oddball sizes and/or colors like XS or XXXXL clothes...in this case it was probably a few remaining "short" model Phantom bags which they were willing to clear out for whatever price...so FWIW please don't try to compare a long model with a short or whatever clearance price was once offered for a few bags or whatever. It is what it is. Thanks!