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Feathered Friends Snowy Owl Sleeping Bag. -60F. Perfect condition.

As they advertise, this is the warmest bag in the world. You can sleep anywhere on this planet and not be cold.

-60F. Goretex. 900+ fill. 5.5 pounds total weight. Regular size. I ordered it with an additional 4 ounces of overfill - they don't do this anymore.

It has about 8+ inches of loft over all, and about a foot of loft around the shoulders and head.

The price of these new, without the overfill, is $1,119. Overfill costs about $18/ounce, if you could get it. So, the value of the bag is nearly $1,200. At $950, that's 20% off. I can ship for $25.

I bought my original Snowy Owl for Denali. It worked flawlessly for that month while sleeping out in -42F conditions. Never cold. Couldn't even sleep with long johns or socks on. Then, after a few more expeditions, the goretex delaminated slightly. They had a problem with the early goretex. They sent me this bag as a free replacement. I haven't used it but a few nights in the winter in the back yard for fun. My expedition days in polar conditions are over, so it's time to let the gem go.

The bag has a few design features that maximize its warmth. Dual zippers guarantee no cold spots and are an awesome safety feature in case one were to fail. There is a gigantic draft collar around the neck area that you can sort of see in the photos. The collar has patches of goretex so your breath doesn't get the down wet. It has a large foot box that is unbelievably well insulated. The hood is massively insulated as well, and one could theoretically cinch the face opening down to allow a tiny hole for breathing. To be honest, the bag is so warm that I usually used it unzipped, just as a blanket, down to -25F.

From the Feathered Friends website:
The warmest sleeping bag on the planet, the Snowy Owl has been the bag of choice for polar expeditions since its inception. Our fully contoured design maintains full and even loft of the 900+ fill down in the head and shoulder regions. A second inner zipper running parallel to the main zip keeps the differential cut at a constant thickness and guarantees a tight, even draft seal. This system also serves as a backup in the event of a zipper failure; a deadly proposition at 60 below zero. The only complaint we hear about the Snowy Owl is that "it was too warm". Well... that's the idea. If you're chasing the coldest temperatures in the world, this is the bag for you.